We take on the risk and help you succeed. It's a hole-in-one.

Arizona Night Golf is aiming to change how the game is played in Arizona. 

 The number of courses we will implement in 2022 are strictly limited, however we offer a variety of services that are available at request of courses, even on the waitlist.

Extend your hours with the best lighting in the business. We not only source the lighting, but custom plan where lights need to be placed, install, and maintain the lights

You don’t need to have a massive investment to improve your driving range experience. We offer range lights as well as course lighting. 

Find new ways to build your business. This is a turnkey approach to implement the best ideas from all night golf courses to provide a world-class experience at your courses. 

Allow us to elevate your marketing presence through active social media marketing and course promotion. We facilitate and recommend events for each course, not limited to professional clinics and celebrity/model promotional nights.

We will indemnify each course of any risks associated with night golf through our contracts. Enjoy the benefits of extended hours without the risks. 

How does this all work? Why is this so easy?
  • We pay for all the lighting and ensure profit to the course from day one – Your success is OUR success. 
  • We interface directly with the local jurisdiction to ensure permits are obtained and that all courses are within local compliance/ordinances. 
  • We plan, plot, and install all lights and additional course accessories.
  • We work with all courses to maintain and improve all LED’s based on current top-of-line standards.