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Recent advancements to LED lighting technology is making night golf increasingly popular throughout the country. There are 56 night golf courses in the United States, with more popping up every year. However, Wickenburg Ranch’s “Lil Wick” course features the only lit holes in the state of Arizona (only the last three holes have lights). 

Arizona Night Golf, LLC aims to bring night golf to Arizona-based courses by making the process financially risk-free while removing all administrative hassle of implementing a lighting system.

Our profit-sharing model means that we bear all the cost of adding lights to your course, protecting you from all downside risk and ensuring profit to your course from day one.

Not only will we fund and install all lighting for your course, but we’ll ensure work directly with your jurisdiction for all licensing and light ordinance compliance requirements.

Additionally, we’ll provide guidance on how to market your newly added night golf offering. From weekly events such as kids night, to driving seasonal membership to your course, adding night golf to your golf course will make your golf club the talk of the town.

The number of courses we will implement in 2023 are strictly limited. Please contact us to discuss further.

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